Why do people hate both candidates for U.S. president? How can a hated candidate win, while beloved candidates lose?


Currently, the whole world seems to be going crazy. Terrorism is raging all across the globe, people like Donald Trump have a honest chance of becoming a leader of the free world, we ourselves are losing our values. That’s just means that a time for a New Coalition has never been more prominent. Why do people hate both candidates for U.S. president? How can a hated candidate win, while beloved candidates lose?

100 years ago the first of World Wars broke out seemingly out of a minor, isolated incident just because the tensions were rising for a long time. If we don’t change the way we act, we’re afraid history is bound to repeat itself. Don’t believe that? Loom at the African-American community in US recently. After endless reports of crimes against people of color, the tension ripped open when police officers were targeted by a sniper. We need a dialog. We need to calm down.

Everybody agrees that there must be some restrictions imposed by the government and some liberties. It’s all about the balance. There are two key aspects here. Decisions must favor liberties and they have to be fast. We’ve seen that current model of government doesn’t work when a single party can hijack the floor and block any decisions. We need change.
Out of massive tragedies, out of social injustice we have learned a few invaluable lessons. Question is, what we are going to do about it? Are we going to forget everything until the next mass shooting? Until the next African-American is unjustly killed by a police officer? Until another election when the rigged system prevails again? No. We must continue what was started. Bernie Sander’s efforts did not go to waste. The democratic platform now applies a lot of what Sanders’ movement were talking about. While Republicans don’t need to take their country back. They need their party back. Both Republicans and Democrats have valid points in their platforms but there must be movement. How can we improve education, help the poor and the middle class if no one is ready to compromise? Bernie or Bust doesn’t work. My way or the high way doesn’t work. Especially in a two-party system.
Let’s continue what has been started during recent months and years. Let’s continue to push for some sort of basic gun control. Australia banned guns after a single mass shooting. Maybe extreme but it worked. Let’s push for legal marijuana, legal online gambling, legal better social security. Take Colorado or go as far as you want, you’ll see tons of examples that show the enormous benefits of making things legal. For example, online pokies in Australia is legal and yet not only they don’t have a massive addiction crisis, they are raising tons of money from taxes. Colorado has proved that with marijuana. And so on, and so forth. Let’s not waste $4 billion every year that goes to the black market from gambling Americans. Let’s save it and use it to help the poor, help children, improve education. Anything we want.